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The term “Iconzoomer” means:

Iconzoomer, a service operated and owned by Syncrowd Aps Guldsmedgade 23 8000 Aarhus C, CVR No 32,091,377th

All inquiries to Iconzoomer should be made to 4561264200 or info @ iconzoomer / df@iconzoomer.com.

The following user terms apply to the use of the services at Iconzoomer website<www.iconzoomer.com >and other sites and platforms which Iconzoomer offers
Iconzoomer is a service which helps companies and public institutions to develop new products and services by taking and uploading pictures of normal everyday situations given by it’s registered users.

 Iconzoomer are described on the website at iconzoomer.com.

These conditions accepted in full at registration by a user of Iconzoomer constitutes a binding agreement between Iconzoomer and users.

• 1 User Creation

• 1.1 Using Iconzoomer requires registration and user creation.  

 It is only permitted to create one user per. person.  

The created user profile is personal and not transferable.

• 1.2 The User warrants that the information provided by the user is accurate and complete.

 If there are any relevant changes to be made in the information provided, it is for the user to notify the changes to Iconzoomer.

• 1.3 In connection with the user setting, the user chooses a password.  

The password used for logging into Iconzoomer may be changed at any time by the user.  

Password is personal and may under no circumstances be transferred or otherwise made available to others.

 If you ever become aware that the password is or may be compromised, you are required to contact Iconzoomer as soon as possible.

 You are responsible in all contexts for your own acts carried out via your user profile.

• 1.4 User Creation:-  Iconzoomer assumes that the user is more than 15 years old.

• 1.5 Iconzoomer  reserves it’s right to suspend or delete any user profile and associated uploaded content without assigning any reason in any situation . cf. 9.

• 2 User contributions
• 2.1 The purpose Iconzoomer is to gather information from different situations in users' daily lives.

• 2.2 The collection is primarily through images which the user sends electronically to Iconzoomer (for example via MMS or email).  

The transmission will be in accordance with Iconzoomer 'instructions.

• 2.3 The User undertakes to provide accurate and current images that meet Iconzoomer 'instructions.

• 2.4 Iconzoomer will examine the received images and decide which pictures are transferred to Iconzoomer 'image database.

 These selected images will trigger credits in accordance with clause. 3.

• 3 Credit

• 3.1 To registered users at Iconzoomer:-  You can earn credits which can be redeemed for cash or used to purchase services from a range of selected companies.

 You can read more about our Credit system at iconzoomer.com.

• You can always see your number of earned credit in connection with your user profile on iconzoomer.com.

• 3.2 You can also earn moreCredits  depending on the details of  how your profile, adds tag words to your pictures and answer text questions from Iconzoomer.

• 4 Rights and warranties

• 4.1 All images or other information which are received from users will be considered non-confidential, non-exclusive and shall not entitle the sender to the royalty or other fee or drawback, besides the point. 3, Kredit, if the conditions are met.

 Iconzoomer are free to use images, including airbrushed or modified form, for Iconzoomer 'normal activities, including by making images available to third parties.

 Iconzoomer 'access to use the images are transferable, irrevocable, indefinitely and without territorial limitation.

• 4.2 The User warrants that the pictures will not (i) infringe any third party rights, (ii) are sexist, offensive, racist or discriminatory nature, or (iii) having any unlawful content.

• 4.3A registered user is not allowed to transmit images that contain products of/ from companies to which the user directly or indirectly has any personal or financial ties.

• 4.4 The User warrants legality of images in any contexts, and also that the pictures will not contain viruses or other harmful content.  

The user guarantees the freedom of use and indemnifies Iconzoomer for any (i) requirements (including costs) that might be raised by a third party against Iconzoomer to mark images that user has sent to Iconzoomer, or (ii) losses which may be triggered by malicious content in the images

• 4.5 Iconzoomer  reserves  it’s right to delete your pictures at any time without any prior notice or assigning any reason.

• 4.6 The content on Iconzoomers website such as but not limited to, text, graphics, icons, images and software owned either by Iconzoomer or third parties are protected by Danish law, including under copyright law, trademark law, marketing law, etc.  

All company names, trademarks and other business characteristics, and content in the form of text, graphics, information or other content on Iconzoomers website may only be used for commercial purposes with the prior written permission of respective Iconzoomer or third parties.

• 4.7 Unauthorized copying, distribution, public performance or other copyrighted appropriate use of content on Iconzoomers website is at variance with Danish law and may result in civil as well as criminal penalties.

• 4.8 Downloading and other digital copying of content on Iconzoomers website is only permitted for personal, noncommercial use unless otherwise agreed in writing with us.

• 5 Individual Information

• 5.1 For user creation, user gives personal information covered by the Act.  
The same applies to the user's transmission of images that contain images of identifiable individuals.

• 5.2 Upon accession to the Terms gives gives a consent to Iconzoomer process personal data.
Users also consent to allow Iconzoomer to exchange  information in the form of images, which may depict identifiable individuals, with Iconzoomer 'collaborators to the extent that such exchange may be necessary to fulfill the purpose of Iconzoomer
• 5.3 when transmitting images, which depict identifiable persons, the user warrants that (n) identifiable person (s) gave consent to our processing of such data.

• 5.4 In Iconzoomers website, the users  partly allow Iconzoomer the use of cookies for identifying recurrent users.

 Iconzoomer does not use the information collected through cookies in a way that can connect the user with his general behavior on the Internet or with specific people.

 On accession to the Terms, you consent to such processing of personal data related to Iconzoomer 's use of cookies.

• 5.5 Iconzoomers Ltd. 'treatment of personal data shall comply with the Act.  

Users can contact us if they want information about any data processed about them - or about the identifiable persons depicted in the images that the user has sent - or if the information be deleted or corrected.  

Users can also at any time revoke his consent to our personal care. Withdrawal of consent will be considered as a request to be deleted as a user.

• 5.6 Iconzoomer has launched a number of technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data is protected from any accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, degradation , or personal knowledge of unauthorized persons.

• 5.7 If the pictures or your user behavior suggests offenses , Iconzoomer reserves the right to disclose relevant information to relevant authorities.

• 6 Iconzoomer mobile

• 6.1 Iconzoomer contains services that are available from your mobile phone, including (i) the ability to transmit images, (ii) to receive and respond to text messages from Iconzoomer, and (iii) the ability to access and use Iconzoomer, possibly. through specific applications.  

Iconzoomer does not charge any fee for these services, but service adoption is subject to your cell phone company's usual rates.

• 7 Limitation of Liability

• 7.1 Iconzoomer is offered as a service.

 Iconzoomer bears no liability to users according to the Terms of users using Iconzoomer and in respect of the benefits which Iconzoomer has provided to the users.

• 7.2 Iconzoomers compensation obligation in all cases of individual liability, will be limited to 500 kroner  

 Iconzoomer’s total cumulative liability can not exceed DKK 1,000 under any circumstances

• 7.3 Iconzoomer does not undertake any liability in case of any indirect or consequential damages, including loss or corruption of data, business interruption, loss of goodwill or similar losses.

• 7.4 Iconzoomer is always anxious that the service remains available, but gives no guarantees in this regard and Iconzoomer does not take any responsibility in any case of the service’s  full or partial unavailability or crashes.

• 8 Miscellaneous provisions

• 8.1 Iconzoomer have right at any time to review the Terms and Iconzoomer reserves the right in its sole discretion and without notice to discontinue Iconzoomer.

• 8.2 If any part of the Terms should be deemed illegal or invalid and thus unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of the Terms.

• 8.3 Iconzoomer are entitled to freely assign its rights, including its rights to the uploaded images and obligations in whole or in part.

• 9 Termination

• 9.1 Iconzoomer may terminate your user profile at any time at it’s discretion and without any notice..  

Unless termination is due to your material breach of the Terms, you are entitled to apply for the credits earned under the section. 3.

• 9.2 Upon termination of your user profile, for whatever reason - Iconzoomer reserves it’s right  to delete or continue to use your images in accordance with the Conditions, subject to the mandatory laws that require either removal or continued storage of your images.

• 10 Law and Venue

• 10.1 Conditions are subject to Danish law.

 All disputes concerning or arising out of the terms and the user's use of Iconzoomer, shall be subject to ordinary local Danish courts’ jurisdiction.