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Iconzoomer is a network where people show their lives through snapshots of consumer activities.
Members photograph aspects of their daily life that relate to specific assignments.
In reward they earn credits for money, products or charity.

By collecting snapshots from all over the world Iconzoomer helps companies and public institutions with insight of trends and unmet needs.
This indsight is used for designing the products and services of tomorrow.

The idea behind the Iconzoomer concept is to make the world more open and connected using snapshots as a shared language.

The more snapshots you send, the more credits you earn.

All you need to be a part of our network is a mobile phone.

For more information about Iconzoomer, call or write to us – we care and would love to get in touch with you:

Iconzoomer Phone: +45 61287062
Iconzoomer Mail: info@iconzoomer.com